In the first of a two-part series on streaming, BGaming’s Maksim Krotau – Streamer Relations Lead – walks us through the company’s recent decision to sponsor Scatters Club streamer competitions, which received support from AI-driven live streaming platform, Casinolytics.

Krotau was joined by Sebastian Khalighy, CEO & Co-founder of Casinolytics, and Ellina Minkevich, Digital Events Manager at Scatters Club.

SlotBeats: Maksim, can you start off by telling us why BGaming chose to sponsor the Scatters Club streamers competitions? How did this partnership come about? 

MK: The Scatters Club community is a dynamic and promising community that introduces fresh and progressive ideas to enhance user engagement and gamification in the iGaming industry. It offers win-win cooperation across players, streamers, and providers at once, giving added value to all parties.

With the surge in streaming in general and within the igaming space, a whole marketing approach has taken a new shape where streamers play a pivotal role. Gone are the days when there were just a handful of influencers in the gambling realm. 

Today there are countless creators who have successfully built thriving communities and shared the idea of responsible gambling en masse. Players love it like never before and the statistics prove it. 

SlotBeats: Sebastian, for those that don’t know, can you introduce yourself? And why did you choose to partner with BGaming and Scatters Club in supporting tournaments among streamers?

SK: Casinolytics is a data science company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to power the world’s only Software-as-a-Service for measuring the performance of streamers, casino games, and game providers on live streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Kick. 

Since we launched our first analysis application in 2020, we have been helping leading brands in the iGaming industry to explore, research, and benchmark the growing live streaming market with data and insights. Today, we partner with game providers and BGaming is one of them. If you are working with streamers, you would most likely benefit from using our services. 

In this collaboration we are a data provider, and help the team at BGaming and Scatters Club to measure streamers, game performance and campaign activities. This information becomes vital for our partners to understand performance, product popularity and streamer engagement to improve their marketing, products and collaboration with streamers.

SlotBeats: Can you tell us more about The Scatters Club community, its goals, and its members?

EM: The Scatters Club is a thriving community of passionate streamers and players who share a common love for spinning reels and chasing big wins in online slots and other gambling games. Within our community, like-minded individuals come together in a captivating and supportive environment to exchange tips, tricks and revel in the excitement of playing. 

We utilise Discord as the primary platform for community interaction while also leveraging popular social media channels like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to conduct a diverse array of contests, activities, and events for igaming enthusiasts. Thus, we provide them with the opportunity to feel part of something greater and connect with fellows who share their passion. 

Notably, our community has sparked interest not only among players but also among streamers, casinos, and game providers. We are actively nurturing partnership programs to enhance the allure and vibrancy of our community, making it even more engaging and exhilarating for everyone involved.

SlotBeats: How did you come up with the idea of hosting such events for casino streamers? How closely have your expectations for these events matched reality?

EM: Events present a wonderful opportunity to bring streamers together, fostering their networks and injecting adrenaline into the competition – all resulting in even more vivid and memorable content. Additionally, such events serve as a platform for our esteemed game providers to showcase the full potential of their gambling games, leaving a lasting impression on both players and streamers. We reinforce these emotions and witness remarkable outcomes.

We have already conducted several successful test events with various mechanics, and we are thrilled to observe a positive trend: each subsequent event gains more participants and attracts prominent influencers who eagerly join our vibrant community. 

As an example, in our recent event, Streamers Battles, participants engaged in thrilling head-to-head battles to be the first on the tournament leaderboard. Streamers had one hour to get the X400 multiplier across as many games as possible. The ones who accumulated the most points within their pair proceeded to the next round and got closer to winning a slice of a $25,000 event prize pool.

We allocated $10,000 for first place and the streamer MoweHHuKu took the grand prize emerging at the leaderboard top. The tournament’s most influential participant was the Spanish-speaking streamer AndyPSX. Despite putting up a brave fight in the final battle against MoweHHuKu, he claimed an impressive second-place finish. 

Looking ahead to 2023, we plan to host a series of captivating events with an impressive total prize pool of $250,000, further enriching the excitement and allure of our community.

SlotBeats: How does this partnership help reinforce your commitment to delivering a “player-driven approach to game development” on a global scale?

MK: When it comes to the player-driven approach, as a game provider, we firmly believe that creating a truly exceptional and innovative product is only possible when you deeply understand your audience and their needs. Collaborating with the Scatters Club perfectly embodies this principle. 

With access to an incredible community of players and streamers, we swiftly gather valuable feedback, implementing crucial game changes even before the official release. Players also have direct communication with us. If they have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, the community is a place where they can easily reach out and have their voices heard. 

Perceiving a meaningful dialogue with players as the key to success, we aim to craft a product that resonates with people and entices them to return time and time again.

SBC: What will this upcoming ​competition​ entail?

EM: The upcoming event on the horizon is the Streamers Race. This thrilling competition will feature 20 streamers embarking on a two-week journey filled with diverse quests to earn valuable points. We’ve introduced some exciting changes this time around. 

Instead of streamers battling in pairs, we’ve implemented a unified tournament leaderboard and divided the quests into seven packs. A new pack will be opened every two days, challenging streamers to complete quests and accumulate points. 

Our partners also took part in preparing the event. Game designers and mathematicians from our partners have meticulously crafted the quests to ensure an optimal balance of difficulty and make the entertainment valuable for streamers and their audiences.

Once the competition concludes, the participants with the most points will share an impressive prize pool of $25,000. The tournament is set to kick off on June 17. If you’re a streamer eager to take part or your brand is interested in becoming a partner for this exciting event, simply fill out the form on the website, and our organisers will contact you with further details.