Bonuses have long been a popular way of engaging players within the online casino space and, more often than not, many of these bonuses will require bettors to deposit a small amount of money in exchange for rewards such as free spins. 

But what about no-deposit bonuses? Could these be the next battleground for operators to engage with new demographics of bettors?

In this interview, Christoffer Ødegården, Head of Casino at Bojoko, dives into the significance of no-deposit bonuses within the online casino industry. He shares his views on the prevalence, variety, and viability of these offers, as well as their impact on player engagement. 

Ødegården also highlights how Bojoko’s platform facilitates connections between players and casinos offering enticing no-deposit bonuses, shedding light on a crucial aspect of the online gaming experience.

SlotBeats: How common are no-deposit bonuses in today’s online casino landscape?

: While the interest in no-deposit bonuses amongst players remain high, they are not as common as one might think. Bojoko has reviewed and listed over 180 casinos on our platform, and out of those, only 25 currently offer no-deposit bonuses. 

Recognising that finding such casinos can be challenging due to their scarcity, Bojoko has taken steps to make it easier for players. We’ve created a dedicated rundown of casinos that offer no-deposit sign-up bonus, allowing players to conveniently review and check these bonuses.

SlotBeats: Could you provide some insight into the variety of no-deposit offers available today?

: Certainly. No-deposit offers come in different forms. They can include free spins on specific slot games or even bonus money that players can use across various casino games. Some casinos provide these bonuses upon sign-up, while others may require players to validate their email or add a valid credit card to receive the no-deposit bonus. 

Our no-deposit overview on Bojoko covers both pure no-deposit bonus offers and no-deposit free spins, ensuring that players have access to a comprehensive selection. The diversity in these offers allowIts players to explore the casino and its games without having to make an initial deposit. 

SlotBeats: Do you believe no-deposit bonuses are a viable strategy for online casinos?

: No-deposit bonuses can indeed be a viable strategy for online casinos, though to succeed, customer retention is key. I understand why casinos often have an aversion to the risk associated with offering something for free. If players grab the offer only to cash out their potential winning and never sign in again, the casino is at a loss. 

When you set up a no-deposit offer, you need to ensure that you have a clear strategy on how to convert a portion of the players who sign up into regulars. There are many ways of doing this, from having more exciting offers in store, to having a welcoming platform that stands out.

No-deposit bonuses act as a powerful tool to attract new players and encourage them to experience the casino’s offerings firsthand. The offer itself only gets them through the door, it is the casino’s job to wow them and build up loyalty. Casinos with strong customer retention should consider offering no-deposit offers, as they already have a product players clearly wish to continue to use, meanwhile, casinos that are not at all focused on retention, may want to think twice.

SlotBeats: How many FTDs can a casino expect if they choose to implement a no-deposit offer?

: I can only speak on behalf of our platform and the numbers we are seeing, but what I can say is that the increase is significant. On average, casinos that added a no-deposit offer experienced an increase of approximately 8-20 first-time deposits through Bojoko, per month. 

It is worth noting that the size of the no-deposit bonus and the number of no-deposit free spins offered had an impact on just how many additional FTDs a casino could expect from our platform. 

If any of our partners are interested in a general idea of how many FTDs an offer is expected to pull in they can reach out to us, and we can share our insights.