FunFair Games: We know what the younger gambling generation want

    FunFair Games ‘know what the younger gambling generations want’ due to its experience in the Crypto world, according to the company’s chief operating officer, Lloyd Purser

    These claims come off the back of the company’s upcoming title, Rocketeers: To the Moon! which aims to target a new, younger generation of player. 

    Lloyd Purser, chief operating officer at FunFair Games

    Explaining the company’s soon to be released game, Purser commented that ‘in a nutshell’, it is ‘the king of crash games’.

    For readers who are unsure of what exactly a crash game is, it is a category within the igaming sector which has been enjoyed for several years in the crypto gaming space, with renowned titles such as Bustabit, which has been around since 2015. 

    Commenting on the game type, Purser explained: “The game mechanic is very basic as it is a game of chicken against the house. A player places a bet against a multiplier which goes up. If the player cashes out before it crashes out, they win at the multiplier they cashed out at. 

    “That could be 1.1x stake or over 100x stake with the crash being totally random. The multiplier generally starts slowly and increases in speed as it gets higher, adding an extra layer of excitement. 

    “They are simple yet very exciting to play. We think they also have specific foundations to them which make them different from the games on offer in online casinos at the moment and that makes them compelling to a different type of gambler.  

    “Firstly, they’re multiplayer to single outcome, so you join others in trying to beat the house, giving a true community feeling.

    “Secondly, players are largely in control of their outcomes so they have to make decisions and take action which dictates if they win and by how much. Players can create their own strategy, and volatility based on the risk they’re happy to take vs the reward they want to achieve with huge multipliers available. This makes it a very different experience to playing a slot or more traditional table game.  

    “Thirdly, as they’re simple yet thrilling, the entertainment offered is in the pure form of the game play and not the bells and whistles around it.”

    “From our experience in the Crypto world, we know what the younger gambling generations want.”

    Yet how does this genre of gaming attract ‘the next generation of players’? According to Purser, it’s all about community-driven titles which ‘require decision making’. 

    He continued: “From our experience in the Crypto world, we know what the younger gambling generations want. When we say younger, we’re really referring to the under 35s, so not that young.

    “This generation has grown up in the digital age playing immersive and social video games. We believe that passive single-player online gambling experiences are not enough to keep them engaged. Games that are community-driven, require decision making (hence making them strategic) and are simple yet truly engaging to play, will plug that gap. 

    “Rocketeers, To The Moon!, is all of those things, which is how it will help operators attract a different audience to their casino tabs.” 

    Describing the development process, Purser noted that the title has been ‘built from the ground up’ with multiplier being the key focus and several features are said to ‘increase the community spirit’ within the game. 

    “This includes showing each player’s bets live, visualising players’ betting activity through animations of players, and bets entering the rocketship before launch,” stated Purser.

    “Animating players cashing out by parachuting from the rocketship, adding a podium and win celebrations to each betting round, and enabling players to express themselves through emojis, are all features that add to the multiplayer feel of the game and make it a community experience.”   

    Over the last few years, the industry has witnessed an increase in skill-based games, and when asked about the potential of these titles to dominate the mainstream slot content, Purser reigned in the expectations. For now. 

    “I am convinced that a new style of gambling content is needed to bring in a more diverse audience.”

    He added: “I think it will take some time, but I am convinced that a new style of gambling content is needed to bring in a more diverse audience. 

    “The current quality in the slots market has never been so strong and there are some truly awesome games on offer if you love playing slots. 

    “However, we are seeing more and more skill-based games coming into the market. Green Jade and GameCo are just a couple of other studios working to change the status quo.” 

    Purser also revealed that the company will have two more multiplayer games in development which hold to its foundation principles which are ‘social, active decision making, and simple yet engaging’.

    The company’s COO concluded: “Outside of FunFair Games, FunFair Technologies is working on developing some innovative prototypes of multiplayer-focused games using blockchain technology. 

    “This is further to what we have done with our existing blockchain casino platform, so watch this space as we’ll be giving an update on that in the coming months.”