With CasinoBeats Summit upon us, a select group of senior executives are attending in person at the InterContinental in St Julian’s, Malta, to discuss the next generation of slots, player protection, the potential of emerging markets, and the future of igaming affiliates to a global audience of industry professionals joining online.

Among the selected group is casino games developer and supplier Spinmatic Entertainment – who is also a sponsor of the event. Providing some insight as to what the company will be showcasing at the summit, we spoke to Mert Mazmanci, product manager at Spinmatic, who discussed with us his thoughts on the industry.

SlotBeats: With CasinoBeats Summit upon us, which Spinmatic will be sponsoring, can you inform us what you’ll be showcasing in Malta? 

Mert Mazmanci, Spinmatic: Spinmatic is always innovating and releasing new games with engaging features and carefully developed storylines. At CasinoBeats, we will be showing our graphical top-quality and the most recent game innovations, such as Buffalo Boost, Fruity Beats Xtreme!, Betrick Scratch and Ed Jones & Book of Bastet.

Buffalo Boost has an American wildlife theme with dynamic features like collect and the innovation of the buy feature, which allows players to buy free spins anytime they want. Fruity Beats Xtreme! is our first game from the Xtreme! line, which has the highest RTP in the industry.

What’s more, we see the return of our Leprechaun Betrick in his scratchcard game, as well as Ed Jones in Book of Bastet, the sequel to Ed Jones and Book of Seth. This famous archeologist adventure is one of the most played Spinmatic games so far worldwide. 

SB: One mechanic which will be on show is your Xtreme! line of games; what is so special about your Xtreme! series? 

MM: The Xtreme! games are a new product line: the newest and the most original product line in the iGaming sector, especially in slots. 

Xtreme! is mostly based on the RTP rate which is far higher than what we are used to and that’s why it is so unique. We are creating a whole product line in an “Xtreme!” way, with the RTPs always over 99 per cent. Fruity Beats Xtreme! is the first game of our Xtreme! product line and it has the highest RTP in the industry: 99.08 per cent.

Players are attracted by the Xtreme! line and it has a huge effect on them. The industry is welcoming Fruity Beats Xtreme! and, more importantly, players never get bored because they have the feeling of winning more frequently. 

We are getting positive feedback from our players and we have already been asked for more Xtreme! games, so we need to hurry up!

SB: How important is RTP when it comes to slots and players’ experiences? 

MM: You can have very different slot games according to the mechanics and features. And you can have an amazing slot game experience with interesting characters and themes. High RTP attracts players incredibly, due to the feeling of winning all the time. This motivation makes them want to play more of these kinds of games, enjoying themselves, having a relaxing time, and, of course, winning! 

SB: How important is having a diverse portfolio of slot titles?

MM: It is very important to have a diverse portfolio, not only for slots but for different kinds of games. Each player has different likes and dislikes according to their market location. This differs with respect to their cultures and behaviour, with the popularity of characters and themes varying between countries and regions. At Spinmatic, we are always conducting vast and deep research before developing any storyline. There are some markets where players love scratchcard games, or bingo games, or slots with this or that theme… 

Players’ tastes vary according to regions. For example, our slot games with Latin American themes such as 3 Amigos, Mayanera Return and Lama Glama are very successful there. We’ve also observed that players from Southern or Central Europe love Ancient God themes, like Poseidon, for instance.

The more diverse your portfolio, the greater the opportunities to be successful in different kinds of marketing areas.

SB: Looking forward to the rest of 2021, what area of the slot sector do you think will see the most innovation in?

MM: Especially, due to several months of the pandemic circumstances, players become more keen-set when claiming their prizes. Thus, providers need to keep customers’ attention high with engaging and appealing features such as free spins, buy and collect features, jackpots, higher RTPs, and interesting stories so, games must be designed in a fast and smooth way from a user’s point of view. Otherwise, there are lots of other opportunities to be discovered by players for most game categories.

Spinmatic has recently released the new framework SpinEngine 3.0 with the latest technology in order to show its games in the most appealing and effective way, with several improvements such as the free rounds API integration, unique Interface, easy-integration and bringing smoothness and high-speed to the market with the idea of mobile everything beside desktop. Therefore the players will be able to have lifelike gaming experiences in the most comfortable way.

Moreover, in the rest of 2021 the required innovations should be done immediately which will let the new payment systems be compatible with different cryptocurrencies. In addition, humanity will eventually discover the most efficient way of integrating VR/AR technology with the slot sector, which is also going to be a sub-agenda not only for the rest of 2021 but also for the future decades. 

Those and more kinds of innovations should be considered in the slot sector and they are going to be more explored during the following months and years.

The CasinoBeats Summit 2021 conference and exhibition on 14-15 July takes place in an innovative integrated live and digital format. A select audience of senior executives will attend in person at the InterContinental in St Julian’s, Malta, while a global audience of industry professionals will participate in the event online. 

The conference agenda focuses on the next generation of slots and products, key established and emerging markets around the world, leadership in igaming, and marketing and affiliation. The programme also includes the inaugural Game Developer Awards ceremony. 

Register for a free online pass for the event at the CasinoBeats Summit website.