Watch your back as you trek through the forest of Baba Yaga in Spinomenal’s latest one reel slot release, 1 Reel Baba Yaga


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1 Reel Baba Yaga is a 1×1 reel slot that uses a collect and win mechanic with no paylines, offering a maximum win of up to x500.




91.55 per cent


This game features three standard symbols, white-faced monsters, crowned elderly men and phoenixes, which all use progressive wins. 

When one of these symbols drop into play, their respective win tables beside the reel-set will increase to a new level of multiplier. These tables continue to increase in levels as more symbols drop into play, with players able to collect their winnings at any moment. 

Players’ banks will increase in size as more standard symbols drop onto the reels, with players able to collect winnings from all standard symbols on the same game round. 

Players will hope to collect their winnings before they spin the reels and a ‘reset bank’ black cat symbol appears, causing the player to lose all of their winnings. 

Monster prize values range from x1 to x12, for landing one to five monster symbols on the same game round. Elderly men prizes range from x3 to x100, while phoenix prizes start at x10 and reach x250 for five phoenix symbols in one game round.

The reels can spin to reveal no symbol, causing no funds to be added to the bank. 

Wild Baba Yaga symbols are also available, counting as one of each symbol in one turn.  

The maximum payout of x500 is awarded if players can land five of each standard symbol in the same game round without ever revealing the ‘reset bank’ black cat symbol. 



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