Players witness the frenetic combat between smugglers and law enforcement agents in the neighbourhoods and jungles of Latin America in MGA GamesEl Cartel Plus.


Out now


Crime / Latin America


El Cartel Plus is a 3×3, single-payline video slot that incorporates a range of symbols and an array of features. 




80 – 95%


Symbols in the game include three different coloured diamonds that pay out x2 the bet for any combinations of three, followed by oranges worth x4 the bet for three-of-a-kind, plums worth x8, lemons worth x12, strawberries worth x16, and gold bells worth x20.

At the top of the paytable, players will find the three diamonds again, with three of the green ones offering x40 the bet, three red ones paying out x200 the bet and, lastly, three blue ones awarding x1,000 the bet. 

Moving onto special symbols, wilds substitute for all other icons, while jeeps activate the free games feature. Shotguns, on the other hand, increase the player’s vertical lines counter, while the stacks of money award plata. 


The title comes with an upper game, a main game and four minigames.


In the main game, each prize can either be risked or collected. When risking the prize, the award will either be a level higher or the equivalent amount in plata. Once the line of three bells is reached, the game becomes an up-down, where the possible prizes go either up or down in the prize plan.

Meanwhile, to play the upper game, players must have acquired enough plata and credits. During this mode, whenever a prize is obtained – unless it’s a blue seven prize – the player will be offered to risk or collect it. 

Should players land three jeeps in the main game, they’ll activate the 4×4 bonus game where they must draw a prize. 

Meanwhile, landing three light aircrafts in the upper game will grant access to the transportation bonus, where players must choose from the packages to determine their prize.

Moreover, three girls appearing in the upper game will grant players access to the hotel girls bonus, where players draw prizes. 

Lastly, three briefcases in the upper game will activate the business bonus, where players must collect or play to find the best prize. 


To play a demo version of El Cartel Plus, click here.