Armadillo Studios has combined the mad science of Frankenstein with the winged-wickedness of dracula in its latest spooky slot release, Franksylvania


October 26, 2023




Franksylvania is a 5×4 reel slot with 25-paylines and a maximum win of up to x2,743 the player’s wager. 




94.17 – 96 per cent


Playing card suits represent the low value symbols in this slot title, with spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. These symbols can offer between x0.04 and x0.2 the player’s bet, depending on the number of winning combinations that appear on a single spin. 

Next up, eyeballs, brains and severed hands depict the medium value symbols, offering between x0.12 and x0.48 the chosen stake.

High value symbols come in the form of witches, Frankenstein’s monsters, werewolves and vampires. If the right number of winning combinations land on a single spin, these symbols can offer between x0.2 and x2.4 the player’s wager. 

A scary bonus gravestone scatter can also appear, triggering the trail bonus game mode when three or more drop into play on the same spin. 

Additionally, human hearts, candles, bones and potion bottles can land on the reels during the base game, which will implement features into the trail bonus game once it is triggered. 

Furthermore, blood bag scatters are included, triggering the bloody party feature once four have been collected across multiple base game spins. This will award one free respin once the fourth bag appears. 

Finally, wild text symbols are available, substituting for all low, medium and high value symbols. 


Throughout the base game, a number of random features can be triggered either before or after each spin to increase the spin’s win potential. 

With the random wilds feature, between one and four wilds are placed across the board for one enhanced spin. A wild reel feature is also available, causing up to three reels to become filled with wilds. 

Moreover, a colossal reels feature can be activated, causing randomly selected adjacent reels to merge, spinning larger symbols on the reels. This can cause 2×2, 3×3 or even 4×4-sized symbols to appear, each acting as several individual symbols. 

Random multiplier features can also be implemented, causing any wins on one enhanced spin to be multiplied by either x2, x3, x4 or x5. 

After each base game spin, a symbol upgrade feature can occur, causing every version of one random low value symbol across the board to be upgraded to a randomly selected medium or high value symbol. 

An instant win cauldron feature can also appear, awarding instant wins that range from x1 to x200 the chosen stake. 

With the trail bonus game mode, players are taken to a board game-style trail with a vampire game piece representing the player’s position on the trail.

Players then hit the spin button to reveal how many spaces they will travel, with between one and six able to appear. 

Across the trail players will aim to land on coins that display cash prizes, as the coins they land on will be instantly awarded. They will also hope to avoid landing on gravestones, which will end the feature when landed on. 

Landing on back arrow spaces will send the player backwards between one and six spaces. Players can also land on gargoyle spaces, which awards x10 the player’s bet. 

Dog spaces are included, awarding all coins within either one, two or three spaces adjacent to it. 

Players can land on super potion spaces as well, causing them to collect all prizes that the vampire travels past on the next turn. 

As aforementioned, players can gain enhancements for the trail bonus throughout the base game. Collecting four human hearts before the trail bonus is triggered will give the player an extra life, allowing them to return from the dead after landing on a gravestone. 

For every four candle symbols that are gained before activating the trail bonus game mode, the gargoyle prize value will increase by x5, with a maximum of x60 available. 

To enhance the dog spaces, every four bone symbols that appear in the base game will add a value of one to a multiplier that enhances all coins collected by the dog symbols. This multiplier has a maximum value of x5, for collecting 16 bones before the trail bonus is activated.

In addition, collecting potion symbols in the base game will increase a multiplier for the super potion feature that occurs in the trail bonus. This multiplier is capped at x4. 

Players can buy access to three different levels of the trail bonus game mode for the price of significantly increased bets. 


David Stoveld, COO of Armadillo Studios, stated:“Franksylvania is our own twist on the Dracula story. With Frank the vampire, or the bat, as their guide, players experience the magic of the paranormal and unlock a world of mysteries and potential big wins, coupled with best-in-class visuals and sounds. Our team is thrilled to present this supernatural journey that offers an adventure like no other to our worldwide customers and their players.”



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