A few weeks back, Relax Gaming’s most successful franchise, Money Train, set off on its final journey with the release of Money Train 4. But this is no normal voyage. In fact, Money Train 4  is steaming ahead to become the most successful title within the Money Train franchise. 

Shelley Hannah, Chief Product Officer at Relax Gaming, sat down with SlotBeats to discuss the legendary game series that has revolutionised the iGaming industry. She explains why Money Train 4 has been so successful, before telling us how Relax Gaming has successfully created a stand-out slot series.

SlotBeats: This is the end of the Money Train franchise, can you tell us about the journey in creating such a long lasting series? 

SH: What we have achieved with Money Train has been truly unique, not only from the perspective of creating a series that has established a legacy that will resonate for generations, but the fact that each sequel has been better than the previous game, which is no easy feat. 

Our development team put a lot of time and energy into crafting the final game, and we’re confident that it will be a fitting finale worthy of this iconic series. It’s a bittersweet feeling now that Money Train 4 has been released. This signals the end of an era, not just for us but also for our passionate player community and the industry as a whole. Closing this chapter is hard, but we have been determined to make Money Train 4 an unforgettable conclusion to one of the most successful legacies in iGaming history.

SlotBeats: How have you ensured Money Train 4 is the best title in the series?

SH: With new and innovative features introduced, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of slot mechanics in order to create something that gets the adrenaline pumping. 

Despite the need to innovate and stand out, any great sequel needs to find a balance between familiarity and new features, perfecting this balance is something we have taken very seriously throughout the development of Money Train 4.

Players will be reunited with all their favourite gang members from the earlier editions of Money Train, so yes, you can expect to see familiar faces, as well as the addition of the Arms Dealer. We believe that the series has built such a strong following because of the characters and features we have, so maintaining the core characters and building on our successes was imperative.

We have upped the ante with new features, meaning this title has a record 20 features available for players to enjoy. The real piece de resistance lies in the number of feature combinations that can occur, with no two game rounds ever being the same. Not only that, but Money Train 4 boasts an impressive 150,000x max win, one of the biggest max wins in the industry to date. 

We pride ourselves on providing players with the opportunities to get those max wins, and Money Train 4 is no different, with 3 max win occurrences in the very first day! 

SlotBeats: What were your initial hopes when creating the first Money Train title and how have your aspirations developed game-by-game?

SH: The task when developing the first Money Train title in the franchise was to do something unprecedented, and once that first game became such a hit, the natural next step was to build on that success.

Thankfully, we had the perfect team to drive forward with a further three titles in the series to make it the most well-renowned franchise in iGaming, which has left its mark on the industry and is the benchmark that all other content providers are aiming for.

The goal for us is to create the best game of the year, every year. We have dedicated, and passionate people in our teams that listen to feedback and take that on board when creating a new title. 

With Money Train garnering such a large following, it allows us to also see what players liked and disliked first-hand, and that has also been a great motivator for us as we look to provide the best gaming experiences for our players. 

SlotBeats: There are many elements within the Money Train games that have resonated with players, will there be any opportunity for crossover into other Relax titles?

SH: We have created something special with this franchise, and if we have engaging features that can be utilised elsewhere to make other pieces of content stand out then we’d be foolish not to at least give it some thought!