Red Tiger has launched Regal Streak, lauded as a classic style slot with a ‘modern twist’, as players aim to win over 9,500x their bet.


Out now


Regal Streak is a classic-themed, 5×3 video slot with three paylines which includes a Regal Spins feature alongside a Multiplier Symbol and Multiplier Bar.


Very High


95.7 per cent


If the player lands three Regal Spins symbols within the base game, they are rewarded 15 Free Spins with each additional symbol awarding an extra five spins. 

Moreover, the title includes a Multiplier Progress Bar. Each win featuring the Multiplier symbol increases the Multiplier Bar progress for the chance to win Multiplier Wins. 

Additionally, higher-paying symbols award bigger multipliers. If the player hits a win line of Regal Spins symbols, it awards a Bonus Spins and increases all multipliers on the Multiplier Bar by the number of Regal Spins symbols in the payline. 

The title also includes a Regal Nudge feature. During the base game, there is a chance of a random nudge where the Crown symbol falls onto the reels to trigger the Regal Spins. This may happen if there are two or more Regal Spins symbols in a line.