Ganapati has released its long awaited slot titled Usain Bolt, working closely with the Jamaican sprinter throughout its development. 


Out now


The Usain Bolt game, lauded as a tribute to the world’s fastest man, is a three-reel, video slot title which has 27 paylines, which can increase to 109 if the reels fully expand to a 12×5 grid. 




96.19 per cent


Within the base game, there are 11 symbols; a High Wild symbol, a standard Wild, five High-Paying symbols and four Low-Paying.

The High Wild symbol is the main trigger for this title and can launch two features. The first is the Wild Replacement feature. Once activated, a high symbol will be randomly replaced when a High Wild completely appears on any reel. 

The second feature is the Reel Extension which will award an additional Re-Spin once the reel has extended. Furthermore, multiple high symbols will be randomly replaced by standard Wilds when the High Wilds symbol covers a reel. 

During the bonus round, the Re-Spin will be repeated if a High Wild appears in full during the re-spin. This will continue until no more High Wild symbols appear in full.