AvatarUX launches latest ‘forward-looking’ mechanic with XPops

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AvatarUX has followed up the launch of PopWins, ZapReel and Golden Ways with the latest addition to its proprietary mechanic roster, XPops

Implementing the mechanic into its upcoming slot title GemPops, XPops will see every spin begin with a variable reel height, which can be as small as three reels or up to seven positions high.

Each reel will have a multiplier assigned to it, increasing every time a symbol win occurs within it. This multiplier will then be awarded in the base game once the reel reaches its maximum height. 

Instead of winning symbols ‘popping’ to reveal a larger number of symbols as seen in PopWins slots, winning symbols in XPops games will cascade using the Popscade feature, flowing down from the top of the heightened reel. 

Nicola Longmuir, CEO at AvatarUX, said: “We’re thrilled to roll out GemPops, incorporating some exciting new mechanics that further explore extended spins and expanded paylines in every single spin.

“We have made it our mission to create engaging, forward-looking games, mechanics, and products, and this is yet another example of the strides we’re taking as a slot studio.”

Xpops wins will also be available in the game’s bonus game mode, triggered by three or more diamond bonus symbols, which will also see the multiplier feature become persistent for the duration of the bonus game.