BetGames debuts Shova 52 with Hollywoodbets in South Africa

BetGames has expanded its online casino catalogue by delving further into table game titles with its latest release, Shova 52

Based on popular card game ‘Call a Card’, the new title has been launched exclusively for South African online casino operator Hollywoodbets, hoping to build on the “fruitful” performance of the supplier’s previous African-focused game launch, Skyward.

In Shova 52, players will be tasked with predicting which card will land on their ‘player’ section of the table when the game round begins and 52 cards are dealt alternately to the ‘player’ and the ‘dealer’. 

James Everett, VP for Africa and Latin America at BetGames, stated: “We are delighted to continue our fruitful relationship with tier-one operator Hollywoodbets, which is sure to assist with our ambitious growth plans in South Africa.

“This game has been created with meticulous care to ensure that Hollywoodbets’ players benefit from the optimal gaming experience and associate BetGames with cutting-edge technology.”

BetGames has produced several branded online casino titles for African operators in recent deals, partnering with Betway Africa to launch a bespoke Skyward title towards the end of last year. 

The supplier also produced a Latin American-themed version of Skyward, using designs inspired by Brazil for one of the nation’s online casino operators, Betano