Casino information hub Casino Guru has unveiled a new casino finder tool, aimed at “bringing a new way for players to pinpoint the best online casino based on their specific preferences”. 

The recently developed Casino Selection Helper tool asks customers three questions related to online casinos in order to present them with a casino that best suits their requirements. 

Users will be asked about their inclination towards casino bonuses and games along with their preferred age of the casino they would like to visit, allowing them to choose between established and recent websites. 

Maros Gasparik, Casino Guru’s Head of Content, commented: “Our database contains pretty much all available online casinos, which is a great feat, but it also presents a potential obstacle for some players because of choice overload. 

“With hundreds or even thousands of casinos available to players from certain countries, it can be a haunting task for players to select the best one for them. The new Casino Selection Helper is one of the things we hope can help them choose well and stay away from unscrupulous sites.”

Gasparik also added about the development of the new tool: “There are plans for further improvements of the selection process and additional questions to help players with more specific preferences; however, first we want to see how our visitors like the initial version.”

Besides implementing this new tool, Casino Guru plans to continue improvements aimed at optimising their website, aiming to create a safer and fairer gambling environment. 

This includes improving their global database of problem gambling help organisations, introducing players to responsible gambling tools and rolling out its Complaint Resolution Centre to aid dissatisfied players.