Explore the future of slot gaming at CasinoBeats Summit

The 2024 edition of CasinoBeats Summit is set to present 5,000 attendees with compelling content centered around the future direction of igaming, specifically focusing on the product aspect of slot games. 

The “It’s All Casino” conference track on Wednesday, 22 May 2024, promises to offer invaluable insights for a wide array of stakeholders, including game studios and operators, by providing a comprehensive exploration of emerging trends, blockbuster games, niche titles, and the nuances of personalisation.

Renowned programmer, game designer, and level designer celebrated for timeless classics such as ‘Doom’ and ‘Wolfenstein 3D,’ John Romero will inaugurate the conference with his keynote ‘Bridging Worlds: Nostalgia, Innovation, and the Future – A Journey with John Romero.’

Recognised as the ‘father of first-person shooters,’ this video gaming luminary will share insights from his vast experience, offering delegates invaluable perspectives to inspire them to push the boundaries and foster innovation in iGaming.

The ‘Tomorrow’s Jackpot: The Future Trends of Game/Slot Design’ session will explore slot gaming innovation, delving into how groundbreaking technological advancements are revolutionizing the slot gaming experience. Speakers including Shelley Hannah (CPO, Relax Gaming), Brett Archer (Director of Games, Ballys), and keynote speaker John Romero will discuss the potential future directions of casino entertainment driven by these innovations. The session will also consider potential drawbacks associated with embracing new technologies in slot gaming, providing a comprehensive examination of both the opportunities and challenges presented by these advancements.

The panel titled ‘Building an Innovation Giant: Merge, Create, Dominate’ will explore the intricacies of crafting blockbuster games, whether from small independent studios or industry giants producing numerous slots annually. Speakers such as Alexander McLoughlin (Head of Casino Operations & Marketing, Bally’s), Anna Wallenstein (Head of Games, GIMO) and Aleksandra Andrishak (Editor in Chief, Slotsjudge), will analyse factors contributing to studio creativity and discuss potential avenues for innovation and success within the gaming industry. The session will also delve into the balance between artistic integrity and the quantity of output in the pursuit of blockbuster games, addressing potential downsides or compromises.

The conference session titled ‘Loyalty or Personalisation? The Key to Customer Retention’ will delve into the crucial role of personalised recommendations driven by AI algorithms in enhancing user engagement and loyalty within the gaming industry. Expert speakers including Iva Tomova (Head of VIP, PressEnter Group), Maxim Verplanken(Head of Product, Napoleon), Dmitry Belianin (Founder, and CEO, Belianin), and Alexis Wicen (CEO, Scatters Group) will explore how online casinos can adapt to remain at the forefront of customer acquisition. The discussion, moderated by Gali Hartuv (CEO, WarriorLab), will also examine the potential impact of tech innovations like AI-driven game development on reshaping the future landscape of the industry.

Amidst the relentless pace of technological evolution, the ‘Innovation from Tech to Revolutionise iGaming’ session will bring together top industry leaders to reveal the latest hardware and software developments poised to transform the iGaming landscape. Led by Conor Leavey (Managing Director of Casino, PokerStars), Martin Collins (Chief Business Development Officer, Soft2Bet), Brian Christner (Chief Online Gaming & Chief Marketing Officer, Baden Casino), Tim De Borle (COO, Casumo) and Sarah Fox (Head of Casino, Dinotech), this session will dissect cutting-edge technologies from various industries and assess their potential application in iGaming.

The session titled ‘Navigating Niche-Mainstream Opinion on Alternative Games’ will explore niche game formats such as crash, mine, plinko, and dice games and examine their potential to rival the dominance of slot games in the online casino space. Panellists including Christoffer Andersson (COO, 500 Casino), Mike Cini (Owner, ELA Games) and Ross Parkhill (CEO, Rhino Entertainment) will discuss whether these niche games are credible challengers, potential barriers to their success, operator attitudes towards them, and strategies to elevate their popularity. 

The Summit will be further enriched by additional conference tracks zooming in on a diverse array of subjects, including other forms of casino games, leadership, marketing and affiliation, industry and regulation, and specialised content and offerings for women in gaming. Moreover, attendees can anticipate hackathons and a wide range of workshops covering game design, SEO, and customer experience, alongside engaging game presentations from both studios and streamers.

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