CasinoGuru aims to build ‘long-lasting relationships’ with community forum

CasinoGuru, an independent site that provides information on online casinos and games, has launched its very own community forum for players to share their experiences and voice opinions of the online gambling landscape.

As part of the new initiative, the company wants to use the platform to aid communication between gambling ‘enthusiasts’ from all over the world and believes that it will help build a better and ‘long-lasting’ relationship with their new and loyal community members.

Daniel Dolejsi, Social media and community manager at Casino.Guru, stated: “Our decision to pursue the idea of building a ‘borderless’ online community embodies our core desire – to become the world’s number one online gambling information site.”

“Whilst many of our competitors run forums of their own, none of them offer the unique mechanics and features that we do. We are incredibly proud of being able to facilitate conversation between gaming enthusiasts from all over the world, free of any type of language barrier.”

CasinoGuru has implemented an ‘advanced automatic translation functionality’ which it states has brought the standard of the online forum concept to an ‘entirely new level’. Each user is said to be catered to individually, with the system automatically translating all forum content into either the user’s native language or to one they prefer.

Since the launch of the forum in March of this year, CasinoGuru has welcomed over 8000 new registered users and gathered nearly 1500 unique posts. 

Dolejsi concluded: “We continue to develop new updates and features for our forum. Our latest addition is a ‘like’ button, which anyone can use to vote on a post. They do not even have to be registered. To support this feature, we are currently working on a ranking system, which will keep track of users’ reputation.”

“We also added the option to view the last 100 posts made on the forum in chronological order. Our forum’s last version would only show 10 posts in this way. Additionally, you can now view a user’s entire post history by clicking on their nickname, should you want to see what they have been up to in the past.”

“Last but not least, we do our best to engage with our community and give them reasons to come back. For example, we are currently hosting a competition, where users can win a PS4 with 6 games, simply by playing a game on our site for free.”