Evoplay accelerates content growth with Adrenaline Rush

Evoplay has put the pedal to the metal with its latest igaming title as players race for multiplied wins in Adrenaline Rush

The start of the game sees players select one of three characters, each representing cars with different statistics in power, speed, aerodynamics and nitro categories. 

Then, players must select a racecourse map, with three maps awarding three different multipliers of x5, x7 and x15. 

Citing the game as an ‘industry-first 3D racing experience’, cars race around the course picking up coins that increase the player’s winnings, with x0.1 the player’s stake being won with each coin. 

However, rare coins can also be obtained, offering either x10, x20, x100 or x200 multipliers, as well as game-enhancing boosters.

These boosters can also be accumulated, allowing players to stack them up and use them in future races. 

To coincide with the launch of Adrenaline Rush, Evoplay has released both a crash game and a slot release that use the game’s theme, with Adrenaline Rush: XCrash and Adrenaline Rush: Super Boost being offered exclusively to select operator partners. 

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay, stated: “Redefining what it means to truly push the boundaries in the igaming industry, our new flagship title is a 3D racing game with a skill-based element where players must trial and test strategies to emerge as the frontrunner around three different racetracks. 

“With graphics and gameplay mirroring video game quality, our latest release is set to elevate our position in the industry to new heights. 

“Arriving in a package along with a crash edition, Adrenaline Rush: XCrash, as well as a slot Adrenaline Rush: Super Boost, the new releases cater to a diverse range of player tastes and preferences, whilst appealing to fans of the popular racing genre of games.”