Galaxsys strays from typical crash mechanics with Limbo Crash

Galaxsys has enhanced its content portfolio with the launch of its latest crash game, Limbo Crash

Using a battery-charging theme, Limbo Crash sees players set their stakes before a multiplier begins to rise, although the game works slightly differently to a traditional crash game. 

Rather than players watching the multiplier rise and deciding when to collect their winnings, players bet on whether the game round’s multiplier will rise above or be equal to a certain multiplier value of their choice. 

If the multiplier reveals a value higher than the player’s selected multiplier value, the player will receive a multiplied stake prize, equal to the multiplier value the player set their stake on. 

For example, if a player successfully wagers on the multiplier to rise above x1.5, their winnings will be equal to their stake multiplied by x1.5. 

Additionally, the game offers an ‘odd interval’ bonus chance to win as a meter above the multiplier value spins through different value ranges.

If the value range that the player has wagered on is revealed by this meter, the player will gain a win worth x2 their stake, even if the revealed multiplier value has not exceeded their chosen multiplier value. 

To provide an example, if players wager on the multiplier being higher than x20, and the multiplier value reaches x50, then the player will win the initial multiplier win of x20. However, if the ‘odds interval’ meter also reveals the x10.01-x20 range, players will receive an additional x2 win. 

While using an RTP range of 96.5-98 per cent, Limbo Crash also offers an auto-bet function, allowing players to easily repeat their preferred wagers in between game rounds. 

If readers would like to test out the demo version of Limbo Crash, they can click here to be directed to Galaxsys’ official website.