Galaxsys offers extraterrestrial wins in Starlight and Cosmo Saga

Outer space

Galaxsys has given its content portfolio an intergalactic boost after announcing the launch of two space-themed titles, Starlight and Cosmo Saga

Using the extraterrestrial theme of its namesake, Galaxsys’ latest content offering includes a comet-themed crash game as falling stars offer increased multiplier wins in Starlight. Players will hope to cash out their winnings before the comet disappears and their earnings are lost. 

The game features a ‘starry boost’ bonus feature that pops up randomly to significantly increase the multiplied winnings, as well as a ‘freezing bonus’ that cements the player’s winnings. 

Starlight will become available to Galaxsys’ operator partners upon its release on June 20, 2024. 

Meanwhile, the studio has also launched Cosmo Saga, a puzzle game where players create combinations by manoeuvring symbols across a game grid, in a similar style to the hit game Candy Crush. 

When successful combinations are made, the symbols will explode and random betting odds appear to award multiplied bet amount wins. This game will be released on June 1, 2024. 

Vigen Safaryan, Chief Product Officer at Galaxsys, commented: “We are always looking to warp-drive our games at the speed of light, to provide fun, engaging, relevant, and cosmic play. 

“Starlight, a crash game, and Cosmo Saga, a unique puzzle game, include all our key player engagement features, and unique game mechanics such as the bonus games, auto bet and freezing bonus enjoyed by casino players looking for galactic game experiences.” 

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