Galaxsys brings out the architect in players with Tower Rush

Galaxsys continues to extend its instant game portfolio after revealing its latest block-building turbo title, Tower Rush

Bringing out the architect within players, Tower Rush presents players with a swinging building block that swings above the game’s initial starting block – a Tower Rush store. 

After setting their desired stake, players hit the bet button strategically, hoping to land the swinging building block perfectly over the initial store. 

Landing the building block without it collapsing will present the player with a multiplier prize, while a collapse will cause the player to lose their stake. 

Each level of the building blocks will reveal different multiplier prizes, but these prizes do not stack up. 

After every multiplier is awarded, players have the opportunity to cash out and receive the latest multiplier they were awarded, which will be applied to their stake to provide the win.  

However, consecutive successful drops will cause the multiplier to increase exponentially, and players can also land three different bonus building blocks that enhance their potential winnings, which are only revealed after the player decides to bet. 

The ‘triple build’ block will cause three building blocks to land on top of it, awarding increased multipliers, while the ‘frozen floor’ block causes the player’s current cash-out option to be frozen, meaning if the next bet leads to a collapse, they will still receive that frozen value. 

Additionally, a ‘temple floor’ block can appear, which takes players to a bonus spinning-wheel game that can award multipliers of x1.5, x2, x3, x5 or x7. The wheel can also land on a ‘freeze’ section, triggering the frozen floor’s frozen value feature. 

If readers would like to test out Galaxys’ latest release for themselves, they can click here to access the Tower Rush demo.