Gaming Corps debuts Smash4Cash mechanic in Piggy Smash

Gaming Corps has enhanced its content portfolio with the launch of its latest hammer-smashing instant game, Piggy Smash

Introducing the studio’s new Smash4Cash mechanic, players are presented with various different colours of piggy banks, each hiding either monetary values or bonus features inside them. 

As players set their stakes and hit ‘play’, a hammer will slam down onto the piggy banks. Each piggy bank may not break on the first hammer slam, meaning players may have to spend multiple stakes to reveal a piggy bank’s prize. 

Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps, stated: “Piggy Smash is a revolutionary game release for us, as our fantastic games team have shaken things up with the introduction of our Smash4Cash mechanic, which we are proud to introduce to players. 

“We have produced another high-quality, enthralling arcade product that I’m certain our partners will be very pleased to offer to their players. The new mechanic will be deployed in future game releases too and we are very excited about how this will add further improvements to our games going forward.

“Last year was a fantastic year for Gaming Corps, and we are continuing to upgrade and refresh our games portfolio with thrilling, cutting-edge gaming content moving into 2024 as we expand our global market reach.”

Black and blue piggy banks can reveal prize values from x1 to x5 the player’s bet, while green piggy banks can offer between x1 and x9. 

Next up, silver piggy banks are able to reveal prizes between x1 and x10, with gold piggy banks offering between x1 and x20 the chosen bet. 

Furthermore, cyan piggy banks can provide wins between x1 and x50 the player’s wager, pink piggy banks can offer between x1 and x100 and special multi-coloured piggy banks are able to offer a smaller range of prizes between x1 and x100. 

While different coloured pigs provide different prizes, each pig has the ability to reveal one of the four bonus features. 

One of these bonus features is the rampage bonus, which causes a special hammer to appear, which is guaranteed to smash piggy banks in one go. Between two and 10 pigs will be smashed. 

Pigs can also reveal multiplier coins of x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10. When revealed, the next pig will be guaranteed to be smashed instantly while its prize value is enhanced by the previously revealed multiplier coin. 

A multi rampage feature is also available, performing the rampage feature but with a  multiplier value applied to all pig prizes revealed in the rampage feature. These values include x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10. 

Finally, players can reveal one of four jackpot prizes in any pig, with mini (x20), minor (x50), major (x200) and mega (x2,000) prizes available. 

If readers would like to test out the Piggy Smash demo for themselves, they can click here to be taken to Gaming Corps’ official website.