HungryBear & Yggdrasil tap into ‘proven potential’ of real-money multiplayer slots


HungryBear Gaming has stated ‘the time is optimum’ to branch out from its free-to-play Slot Masters series by collaborating with Yggdrasil to distribute “the world’s first real-money multiplayer slot”. 

Announced via HungryBear CEO and Founder Justin Chamberlain’s LinkedIn page, the studio will produce a multiplayer slot title in which players will be able to place wagers while competing against opponents. 

Chamberlain’s announcement read: “I am extremely proud to announce our latest distribution deal that will see the World’s first real-money multiplayer game delivered exclusively through the Yggdrasil gaming platform.” 

The multiplayer slot release is set to be launched in Q2 2024, with plans for Yggdrasil to distribute the title amongst its network of operator partners. 

Additionally, HungryBear revealed plans to create a ‘completely new and exclusive’ edition of its Slot Masters series that will coincide with the collaboration. 

Speaking exclusively with SlotBeats, Chamberlain detailed the company’s journey from launching Slot Masters two years ago, to revealing a potentially revolutionary move in the multiplayer slot sector. 

He stated: “I took an enormous risk being first in the market with multiplayer slots in 2022 and have seen huge success with Slotmasters over the past two years, as a free-to-play engagement tool.

“With the appetite and potential proven and our deep learning of what it takes to deliver multiplayer slots in a live environment, the time is optimum to convert that into a real money offering. 1.9 million unique players engaging, and over 1.5 billion spins in the last 16 months tells me that real money multiplayer is the future.”

Slot Masters has been HungryBear’s flagship game since its inception in 2022. However, the series has only ever been available as a free-to-play title.

Providing a sneak peek into the upcoming real-money multiplayer game, Chamberlain explained how the title will differ from previous Slot Masters games. 

“The fundamental difference is that this will be real money, a sit-and-spin game, and they will be playing for progressive cash prizes instead of free spins.

“Players will be able to wager an amount to suit their budget, get matched with two other players, and then engage in a two-minute game of intense action and fun, but where the winner takes the spoils.

“Even more excitingly, the winnings may be double their money at a minimum, or potentially tens of thousands of pounds, as the game will also include a wheel of fortune element to make it even more appealing and exciting.

He concluded: “We have the traffic, the following, and the volume to be highly confident that this new real money, instant gratification version is exactly what the players are calling out for. Q2 sees us realise that ambition exclusively with Yggdrasil, and I’m incredibly excited to be bringing this to market with them.”