Just Slots gains ‘invaluable’ backing from Yolo Investments


Just Slots, a Malta-based emerging games studio, has received an ‘influx of capital’ from Yolo Investments, as the venture capital firm pledged €1.125m for the studio’s ‘growth trajectory’. 

The million euro investment will support the recently-founded igaming studio as it looks to release its first game in 2024, with the €1.125 going towards ‘streamlining internal game development processes ahead of launch’.

Additionally, the investment represents a strategic collaboration between the two firms, as Yolo Investments will ‘assist Just Slots as it takes the next steps along its growth trajectory’. 

The venture capital firm will also help to oversee Just Slots’ expansion strategy alongside the company’s leadership team of CEO Thomas Groven and CCO Christine Parkhill, utilising its knowledge and experience gained from previous igaming investments. 

Speaking to CasinoBeats, Groven commented: “Yolo Investments’ investment in Just Slots is very significant for us. With €1.125m, we’re not just looking at an influx of capital, but at a strategic partnership that enhances our capability to innovate and grow. 

“This investment allows us to refine our development processes, ensuring that as we introduce our first game, we’re doing so with a product that truly resonates with both our B2B clients and end-users.

“Our focus now extends to strengthening our team with skilled professionals, people who can bring fresh perspectives and technical expertise to the table. We are excited about the diversity and creativity this can bring to our game development. It’s not just about expanding our business, but also about deepening our understanding of what makes a game not just good, but great.

“This partnership with Yolo Investments brings a wealth of knowledge from the gaming sector, which is invaluable as we navigate new markets and seek global opportunities. 

“We’re looking at a future where Just Slots isn’t just a participant in the gaming industry, but a significant contributor, known for quality and innovation. It’s an exciting time for us, and this investment is a crucial part of that journey.”

While partners and players await Just Slots debut game, the studio has laid out plans to continue forming strategic B2B partnerships in the igaming sector to support its ongoing development. 

Parkhill added: “Yolo Investment’s alignment with our vision is exciting, and we look forward to collaborating to accelerate our commercial growth alongside them in the coming years. The investment not only supports our business expansion but also enhances our technical capabilities, which are crucial for our future success.”