Pascal Gaming has further expanded its portfolio with the release of its brand new arcade game, 'Double Wheel'.

Pascal Gaming has expanded its portfolio with the launch of its arcade game, Double Wheel.

Represented as the approach to the wheel concept, the game surprises players with two wheels performing simultaneously. 

Double Wheel incorporates a range of features, including a six time betting possibility at the same round, top bets and game result checking possibility, as well as a provable fairness calculator by which Pascal Gaming says “ensures the transparency throughout the game”. 

In a statement, Pascal Gaming said: “Double Wheel is the latest addition that swells the ranks of our arcade game line. This game is represented as the finest approach to the all time favourite wheel concept, only surprising players with two wheels performing simultaneously. 

“The adrenaline, the fun experience and the winning chances are all doubled compelling players to enjoy a one-of-a-kind gaming opportunity. 

“With all its advantages in terms of both players’ gaming experience and operators’ benefits, “Dream Wheel” has great potential to become a massive success. The game is also supported on diverse devices, including desktop and mobile and is available in 17 languages.”