PopOK Gaming presents prehistoric wins in CrashoSaurus

PopOK Gaming has continued its crash campaign by transporting players back to the Stone Age with its latest crash title CrashoSaurus

The title sees players hope to avoid the jaws of a hungry dinosaur, setting their stakes and placing their bets before a caveman character begins to run away from the prehistoric beast, with a multiplier rising as the character runs. 

Unfortunately, while the dinosaur doesn’t quite reach its prey, a giant rock eventually falls from the sky to end the player’s gameplay session. Players will hope to cash out their winnings at a high multiplier level before this end-game event occurs. 

Tapping into players’ growing desire for fast gameplay, five seconds are awarded to players between game rounds to edit and place their preferred wagers. Up to two wagers can be made for one game round, allowing players to cash out one bet while letting the other bet run. 

CrashoSaurus offers players the ability to check their bet history, showing the previous stakes and decisions that they have made.

In addition to their own bets, players can also find bets from other players listed beside the game screen, as well as a leaderboard with the highest wins. 

If readers would like to try out PopOK Gaming’s latest crash title, they can click here to be directed to the supplier’s official website.