PopOK Gaming sees players hope to fly high in First Balloon

PopOK Gaming has sent players up in the clouds with the launch of crash game First Balloon, which sees players hope to avoid a burst balloon. 

As with any crash game, players are tasked with selecting their bets in between game rounds as they wager on how long a particular variable will stay in a specific state before ‘crashing’ out of the game. 

In First Balloon, players are wagering on how long a hot air balloon will rise, before the balloon loses momentum and drops out of the sky. The longer the balloon rises, the higher a presented multiplier will increase, with players able to cash out at any point before the balloon drops. 

The multiplier always starts at x1.01, but can lead all the way up to x10,000 for the game’s maximum win. 

An auto-bet mode is also available in First Balloon, allowing players to select a stake that they want to place in every game round.

Additionally, a tracker sits beside the game screen, allowing players to keep track of their previous bets, while also being able to see other players’ bets and where they cash out.

If readers would like to test out First Balloon, they can click here to be taken to the demo page on PopOK Gaming’s official website.