Pragmatic Play extends multi-product range with Diamond Dazzle Bingo

Pragmatic Play has extended its igaming portfolio with the launch of its latest 90-ball bingo game, Diamond Dazzle Bingo

With four prizes to be won in each game, Diamond Dazzle Bingo offers more ways to win than the standard one line, two line, full house bingo title. 

Claire McDaid, VP of Bingo at Pragmatic Play, explained: “Diamond Dazzle Bingo is an experience that gives players a sense of a familiarity with an in-game gamble feature, packing a punch with its high engagement level.”  

As the game commences, diamond symbols are presented to players, showcasing values between one and 24. When diamonds are called during the standard bingo game, their values are shown to the player before disappearing. 

Towards the end of the game, when the first line, second line and full house have been won, players are offered a 25th diamond thats value is representative of the diamonds called out during the base game. 

Players can choose to take this final diamond value or decline it for a chance to win greater prizes in the Diamond Dazzle jackpot game. For players to be eligible for this game, they need to have staked in the jackpot-winning game.

The jackpot is shared out if the player can guess the accumulated value of all called diamonds, with 50 per cent given to the player who reached a full house as the other 50 per cent is shared out between participating players that guess the same value. 

McDaid added: “Introducing the Diamond Dazzle community jackpot feature strategically means that spectators get that extra chance of winning even when the one line, two line and free house prizes have already been won. This gives the voting element of the game that extra sparkle”