Raw iGaming rebrands Leander LeGa platform to Raw Arena

Raw iGaming has sought to address aggregation issues in the igaming sector by rebranding its Leander LeGa platform to Raw Arena.

Leander Games – the brand behind the aforementioned platform – was only acquired by Raw iGaming in April, but the firm has already decided to refresh the service, ensuring it is more closely aligned to the company.

Furthermore, a new dedicated website has already been launched as Raw continues on a mission to innovate the market. 

Tom Wood, CEO of Raw iGaming, explained: “Just as we see the commoditisation of games across gaming channels, we believe also that aggregation has become similar in its pitch and this makes it difficult for premium studios to understand the difference between offerings.

“The developers of Raw Arena come from the studio world and understand the difficulties studios face in achieving their goals.

“Raw Arena was created to support these studios with the speed, simplicity and help their need to quickly deliver any number of games to market with features and services that make their lives.”

The new Raw Arena aggregation platform includes the Arena Foundation, which offers a modern framework wrapper and engine development kit where studios choose their language of choice.

For premium partners, there is access to Arena Sense, the firm’s studio data analysis tool powered by Future Anthem’s Amplifier. There is also access to Arena Free Spins and the new Arena Crusades, a ‘revolutionary’ way to compete in slot gameplay.

Studios can join through two programmes; Gateway for its ‘RGS to RGS’ partners, and Native where Arena supports studios to the level they need to help them quickly get to market.

Operators will benefit from a range of suppliers as well as platform features in Arena Free Spins and Arena Crusades that are designed to enhance portfolios.

“Our distribution network is quickly growing and offers studios a large list of key operators in 14 different markets, as well as innovative features designed to acquire and retain players,” added Wood.

“We believe in working closely with our studio partners and believe together, in collaboration, we can achieve games that penetrate operators’ top lists while delivering value to the entire value chain.”