Real Dealer launches third Vinnie Jones title with Stories Roulette 

Real Dealer Studios has released the latest instalment of its Vinnie Jones collection of games with Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette

The release is said to blur the line between entertainment genres by combining elements of a no-holds-barred interview with classic European roulette gameplay. 

While Vinnie Jones answers questions about his life and career, his co-host, actress Rachael Bower, spins the roulette wheel. The longer a player spends at the table, the more they will learn from the actor and ex-footballer.

“In addition to everything else he is, Vinnie is simply a consummate professional and a fantastic entertainer,” stated Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios. “And as you’d imagine, he has an endless supply of crazy stories to tell, so there’s a lot to see.”

The extensive Q&A was pre-recorded in a Los Angeles studio earlier this year as part of the company’s filming for its wider Vinnie Jones game series. 

With questions ranging from violent football incidents to insights on his personal life, Vinnie himself commented: “That was, hands down, the longest interview I’ve ever had.”

This title was created using Real Dealers cinematic RNG, allowing for cinema-quality video to be integrated into a random number generator-based game framework. 

Just last week, Real Dealer launched the second addition to its Vinnie Jones portfolio, releasing a members-only style card game title with Vinnie Jones Blackjack.