Real Dealer Studios offers flaming-hot wins in Volcano Roulette

Volcanoes erupt to reveal enhanced wins as Real Dealer Studios extended its table game portfolio with Volcano Roulette

Using the studio’s proprietary Cinematic RNG technology, the title sees players wager on the standard one to 36 numbers that are available while bonus features can randomly occur to provide a higher win potential. 

Throughout the game, an active volcano sits within the roulette wheel. On random spins, this volcano can erupt to reveal either one or two extra balls that are added to the wheel, significantly increasing the player’s chance of winning. 

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, stated: “With Volcano Roulette, Real Dealer Studios is making a bold departure from the traditional, single-number game, bringing an exciting twist to how roulette is played. Coupling that with the amazing experience that Cinematic RNG can deliver is what makes this game a sure winner.”

In addition to extra roulette balls, the title also features a special sequence when any straight-up bet has been won. 

All numbers on the wheel drop down, flip over and shift to reveal multipliers. Then, another lava ball erupts onto the spinning wheel to reveal the awarded multiplier amount.

The awarded multipliers can be as much as x333 and will apply to all straight-up bets that have been won.
If readers would like to test out the Volcano Roulette demo, they can click here to be directed to Real Dealer’s official website.