Rollbit reveals imminent RuneScape-inspired battle title Duel Arena

Cryptocurrency casino operator Rollbit has revealed its latest online casino game, RuneScape-inspired, real-money combat title Duel Arena

Taking inspiration from RuneScape’s popular MMOGA gameplay, which garners around two million daily players, Duel Arena will see several players come together in a virtual battle arena for a luck-based 70 second battle. 

Taking to X/Twitter to announce the game, Rollbit Co-Founder, @Lucky_Rollbit, stated: “We’ve been working on the Duel Arena for over one year and have built everything from scratch, polishing every minor detail to ensure we recreate a similar experience to the 2011-2012 staking era. Watching it come to fruition has been incredible.”

RuneScape’s staking mechanism saw players with identical inventory loadouts fight to the death to win a prize, usually containing in-game currency. 

“Our primary goal is to attempt to recreate this nostalgic experience and allow players to relive their fondest memories,” added the account. 

“Rollbit will take zero commissions and all duels will be provably fair with the hash derived from a future Ethereum block. Duels will be entirely luck based with participants having a 50 per cent chance of winning their fight. 

“RuneScape staking created some of the most memorable moments of my life and I can confidently say Rollbit wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for everything I learned playing that game.”