Scientific Games launches ‘most visually dramatic’ cabinet

Scientific Games has launched its ‘most visually dramatic’ gaming cabinet, Mural, which includes a dual 55-inch, 4K resolution curved display.

Following the launch of Kascada, lauded at the ‘next generation’ of the TwinStar J43 cabinet, the Mural cabinet’s massive display is said to take the evolution of Scientific Games’ cabinet building further. 

“Our mission is to create unparalleled player experiences,” said Matt Wilson, executive vice president and CEO, gaming at Scientific Games. “The Mural cabinet is a new form factor for us. Its name is a nod to not just the size of the display, but to the beauty of the imagery you see in the game. 

“The cabinet’s design required our teams to work collaboratively to get every element right. Our cabinet design has evolved into a much more holistic process where we’re taking insights from players, inputs from our partners and working across our teams to ensure nothing is left to chance. The Mural cabinet is the evolution of the gaming floor and we could not be more excited to unveil it.”

The Mural is the first to be designed almost solely through virtual collaboration with a select few engineers in the Las Vegas office building the first prototypes in person.

“The ability of our teams to build such a beautiful, massive cabinet in this new digital work from home environment is a testament to their skill. It shows how we have effectively leveraged our global workforce to bring together top talent from around the world to build our industry-leading products,” said Wilson.

Moreover, the Mural cabinet also features an embedded wireless charger for easy mobile phone charging. Both the main monitor and the cabinet’s iDeck are touchscreen enabled for easy player interaction. Adding to the Mural cabinet’s high-tech experience is the next-generation Salem processor which provides lightning-fast gameplay, smooth animation, and crystal-clear graphics.  

The Mural cabinet will launch with popular game titles Willy Wonka – Dreamer of Dreams and 88 Fortunes – Emperor’s Coins. Willy Wonka – Dreamer of Dreams is the latest game in the hugely successful Willy Wonka game series. 

Every mechanic in the game has been specifically designed to take full advantage of the Mural cabinet’s 110 inch, 4K resolution display. Players will instantly see and understand the winning potential through recognisable Wonka elements and action-packed features.