Relax Gaming’s three prolific bonus features clinch Slot of the Week

Relax Gaming introduced players to Bill & Coin in its latest slot release, two money-hungry characters that presented an array of bonus game modes to take our Slot of the Week title. 

With three bonus game modes to choose from, Bill & Coin uses a 6×4 reel grid with 4,096 ways to win. While the game uses an RTP of 96.1 per cent, lucky players can rake in prizes of up to x10,000 their chosen stake. 

Shelley Hannah, CPO at Relax Gaming, commented: “We’re starting the year off strong with a truly memorable title starring two loveable characters who cheer on players as they go.

“Not only does this fantastic 4,096 ways to win slot offer a trio of money-making bonus rounds that can be chosen by the player, but they can lead to massive x10,000 wins.”

Throughout the game, cascading wins occur, causing winning symbols to disappear after providing their payout, making way for new symbols that drop in and increase the win potential. 

Each cascading win that occurs will also cause a ‘sure win’ multiplier feature to become active, starting at x1 with the first cascading win and increasing by a value of one with each consecutive cascading win that occurs. 

This can happen up to five times, leading to a maximum multiplier of x5, which is then applied to the total win for all consecutive cascading wins that occurred. 

Bonus text Bill & Coin scatter symbols are available, triggering the choice of three bonus game modes when three land on the same spin. 

Additionally, Bill & Coin ‘super bonus’ text scatters can appear, activating one enhanced version of the three bonus game modes. 

One of the three bonus game modes is the ‘sure win’ game mode, which triggers five free spins in which the ‘sure win’ multiplier feature is guaranteed to occur on every spin.

The super bonus version of this game mode will cause the game to begin with eight free spins, rather than five. 

Another bonus game mode option is the ‘coin track’ game mode. This takes players to an empty 4×3 reel set that is surrounded by a coin trail. 

This coin trail begins with four coins on the left-most side of the trail that depict multiplied bet amount values, while players are given 10 spins. 

In each spin, the coins will move one step forward on the trail to edge closer to the end of the trail. 

While the coins travel across the trail, each space in the 4×3 grid can present game-enhancing symbols that can collect the coins into a prize pot, or enhance the coins that are available on the trail. 

To collect the coin values on the trail, ‘single collect’ symbols can appear, choosing one coin at random to be collected into the prize pot. ‘Triple collect’ symbols are also available, choosing three coins at random to be collected. 

Additionally, ‘collect all’ symbols will collect all coins on the trail, while single and triple collect symbols can also appear locked on the reel set for between two and four spins, performing their feature on each of these spins. 

As part of the grid sits next to the coin trail, if a ‘triple collect’ symbol lands adjacent to a coin, it will be guaranteed to collect that exact coin.

Furthermore, additional ‘single plus’ symbols can add between two and 20 to one random coin on the trail, ‘all plus’ symbols add between two and 20 bets to each coin on the trail, ‘single multiplier’ symbols can enhance one random coin with a multiplier between x2 and x20 and ‘all multiplier’ symbols can do this to all coins on the trail. 

Players can also gain extra spins when ‘re-spin’ symbols drop onto the grid, which awards one extra spin each without impacting the coins’ positions on the trail. 

If coins reach the final section of the coin trail, they will disappear and cannot be collected. 

Triggered when one super scatter lands alongside two normal scatters, the super bonus version of the coin track game mode features more collect and enhancer symbols. 

The third and final bonus game mode that can be selected is the multiplier ladder game mode, awarding five free spins. 

During these free spins, a win multiplier will start at x1, increasing by a value of one on every subsequent spin, or whenever a cascading win occurs. The multiplier in this feature can reach up to x500. 

Additionally, landing five scatters throughout the multiplier ladder game mode will award five extra free spins. 

The super bonus version of this game mode works similarly to the super sure win bonus, as the game begins with eight free spins, rather than five. 

If readers would like to test out Bill & Coin for themselves, they can click here to access Relax Gaming’s official demo page.