Longmuir: Lollipop ‘feels like an evolution of existing content’

At this year’s CasinoBeats Summit in Malta, Nicola Longmuir, CEO of AvatarUX, spoke to SlotBeats’ Business Journalist, Mollie Chapman, about its Lollipop title.

Delving into the slot, which was the first game to launch under her tenure, Longmuir explains why the title is appealing for players, stating it took the PopWins mechanic to the “next level”. 

She commented: “It’s a really fun game – it’s exciting – it’s taking the PopWins mechanic to the next level by adding new gameplay options, it feels like an evolution of existing content. 

“It has been very well received when we pushed it out to our direct network, we’ve seen some great traction with the game. It will be a real springboard for the content we have coming through the pipeline for the rest of the year and beyond.”

Highlighting the importance of face-to-face contact at CasinoBeats Summit, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic had put that on pause for the past two years, Longmuir noted: “Over the past few years we’ve had such a lack of face-to-face contact, it’s really important to meet others in the industry. 

“Malta is a massive hub for gaming companies, it’s always great to meet up, share ideas and look at how we can collaborate, doing that face-to-face is really invaluable. It feels great to see people in person.”

With the CEO having appeared as a guest speaker on the ‘Let’s Talk Mechanics’ panel at the event in Malta – sponsored by Lady Luck Games – discussing various methods and technologies that can enhance the gaming experience with a host of other panellists, she went on to highlight what she learned from the talk.

“It was a really great panel, I had some esteemed colleagues up there with me,” she explained. “It was a really nice panel covering suppliers, operators and streamers, so it was really diverse and everybody had a different opinion. 

“We talked about gaming mechanics and why they are important, there were differing opinions which always makes for a great conversation. We talked about PopWins and why PopWins had been a success for Avatar and how we are continuing to move forward with our mechanics.”

During the interview, Longmuir also touched on AvatarUX’s shortlisting for the ‘slot to watch’ CasinoBeats Game developer award, and also teased what we can expect to see from the company in the near future. To watch the full interview, click here.