In the second part of a series where we delve deeper into fruit-themed slots, we spoke to Amichai Marmor, director of Games at Pariplay

The supplier, now owned by Aspire Global, offers over 120 games in its portfolio with several fruit-themed titles that have stood the test of time with the company recently launching Hot Wild 7s and Wild Fruit Super Wheel classic fruit machine games but with a ‘twist’.

Amichai Marmor
Amichai Marmor, director of Games at Pariplay

We spoke to Marmor about why Pariplay continues to develop fruit-themes titles, which player demographic most enjoys them, and what the future has in store. 

SlotBeats: Fruit-based slot titles have been around, probably since the dawn of slots, so why do you think they have stood the test of time and remained such a popular theme?

Amichai Marmor: We believe that ever since slot games were created, the easiest and most appealing symbols were fruits. They hold a special place in our players’ hearts, especially VIP players who like the old school feeling from before the video slots era.

When you go to a casino today or browse for games online, the classic fruit game themes will stand out immediately because of their historic place and also because they have a certain lucrative element to them by their design and usually their math.

SB: How do yourself, as a company, continue to develop new ideas for fruit-themed titles and ensure they remain fresh and attractive for the player?

AM: I think there is room for fruit themed games in every slot provider’s portfolio because they usually attract VIP and old school players. From our experience, whenever a company tries to really innovate fruit machines it has failed. 

Keeping some original elements like the way the slot spins or the fruits appear is something that is important. However, I do believe that in order to attract new audiences there have to be some new elements in the design (for example, particle effects additions to wins). This is a risk but might work very well in certain markets, for example in Greece, where we had very successful releases of our recent fruit themed slots Hot Wild 7s and Wild Fruit Super Wheel.

SB: Do you ever think there will come a time when fruit-oriented slot titles will cease to become a mainstay within the slot market?  

AM: I think that as more mature players are coming into the funnel and experience slots, they will look for better and higher quality productions. For example, more animations or different styles of gamification additions. 

I don’t believe fruit-oriented slots will disappear but I do think that they will become less lucrative to newer audiences as they enter the market.

SB: What more fruit-based titles can fans of Pariplay expect to experience in the near future?AM: We just released Wild Fruit Super Wheel and we also have Hot Wild 7s which we launched earlier this year. We are also planning at least one more fruit-oriented slot towards the end of the year. So stay tuned for what is upcoming from Pariplay.