As it stands, it is challenging for casinos to access digital data to understand all of the interactions with their customers since they are often not the owners of the digital platform. That’s according to VizExplorer, CEO, David Patent.

Earlier this month, VizExplorer, the provider of operational intelligence solutions for casinos, partnered with Little Creek Casino Resort in a move that witnessed the integration of its floorVizOps and VizOnDemand slot analysis solution, slot recommendation engine and slot reports. 

The VizOnDemand solution is said to provide Little Creek with automated game change recommendations that “drive incremental slot revenue” along with an “easy-to-use” set of reports and dashboards that will provide information on the resort’s floor performance. 

As the industry continues to step out from the shadows of the pandemic, Patent was quizzed on the importance of data in enhancing the player’s retail experience. 

“We believe that it is critical for casinos to understand all of the interactions their customers have, whether in the casino or through the digital universe of sports betting or online gaming,” the CEO explained. “Currently, it is quite challenging for casinos to access the digital data since they are often not the owners of the digital platform. 

“We are committed to helping our customer and the platform providers provide that data and then help both sides make sense of it so that the customer has the best possible overall experience across all channels that they interact with.”

Explaining more how the solution works, Patent noted: “The combined solution of floorVizOps and VizOnDemand give casino operators, at their fingertips, everything they need to optimise the performance of their slot floors.  

“FloorViz allows operators to visualise their floors through heat maps and zero in on any area of interest using any relevant metric. It leverages both machine and customer data to give operators the information to ensure that they have the right games in the right places for the right customers.  

“VizOnDemand adds two additional dimensions. First, our Slot Recommendation Engine crunches all of the complex historical data and reduces it to game-by-game prioritised recommendations for additions, removals, reconfigurations, and moves with estimated financial upside for each. 

“Second, Slot Reports are dynamic dashboards with drill-downs that give slot operators the complete picture of their floors that include all manufacturer and player information, including trending patterns.”

Looking towards the future of how these types of solutions can evolve to allow casinos to become more profitable and streamlined, alongside improving customer satisfaction, Patent stressed that the key is “understanding the full scope of the customer interaction”.

He concluded: “Customers eat in the restaurants, stay in the hotels, buy concert tickets, shop at retail stores, and interact in so many other ways with the casinos. We have the ability to bring all of this data and these interactions together to provide the full picture of the customer’s preferences. 

“Through this understanding they can create the best overall customer offerings and experience for each unique individual and that ensures the happiest customers and the most profitable businesses.”