Electric shock

Galaxsys has extended its in-house content portfolio by presenting an electrifying range of wire-crossing features in Dr. Shocker.

As the studio’s latest instant game, Dr. Shocker offers fast-paced gameplay as players set their stakes and wager on which wires they want to connect, while a doctor begins to connect said chosen wires. 

If the doctor manages to connect the wires without receiving an electric shock, then the player will earn multiplied winnings. Different wires will provide different odds for connecting safely, enhancing the win potential of the title. 

While offering three bonus game modes, Dr. Shocker also allows players to use an auto bet function to set their stakes automatically. Players can also buy access to the bonus feature to get straight into the action. 

Vigen Safaryan, Chief Product Officer of Galaxsys, commented: “We are always looking to make our games fun, engaging, relevant and authentic around a central relatable character such as Dr. Shocker. 

“It won’t come as a shock that this game includes all our key player engagement features, such as the bonus game, auto bet, buy bonus and three bonus modes enjoyed by casino players.”

“This new turbo game not only expands our reach but also enriches the gaming experience for players. It has the potential to become a star in our portfolio, much like Ninja Crash, which recently won the ‘most played game’ award in Latin America. 

“Galaxsys is focused on our commitment to expanding our games, ensuring players always have access to the most exciting gaming experiences.”

Galaxsys continues to strengthen its proprietary content offering, having released unique titles such as Lotto Boom Launch, Hot Gear and Tower Rush since the beginning of the year.