Galaxsys boasts bingo bonuses with Lotto Boom launch

Galaxsys has extended its online casino portfolio by bringing bingo bonuses to players with the launch of Lotto Boom

As an online bingo-lottery title, Lotto Boom sees players select several bingo cards before the game round begins and numbered bingo balls are revealed one by one. Each revealed number will then be marked across each of the player’s cards. 

Three different levels of wins are offered in each game round, with the first players to gain a full row, two lines and a full house all receiving payout prizes.  

The studio’s latest release also offers a golden balls bonus feature. Each game round includes five golden balls, with the potential for players to match up to five numbers on their cards if the bonus golden ball’s number is on their ticket.

While some bingo titles only allow players to select up to a certain number of tickets, Lotto Boom offers unlimited bingo cards per game round. 

Additionally, for each game round, each player will receive one lucky ticket. If this lucky ticket ends up being the winning card, players can win enhanced jackpot prizes. 

If readers would like to test out Galaxsys’ latest release Lotto Boom, they can click here