Light & Wonder unveils ‘ground-breaking’ Squid Game slot

Squid Game

Light & Wonder has partnered with Netflix’s most-watched show to unveil its latest land-based slot machine, Squid Game, at G2E in Las Vegas. 

Through the collaboration, L&W has designed the cabinet with elements and themes inspired by the 2021 South Korean survival drama. Fans of the show will recognise bonus features that represent different games from the series, including Tug of War, The Glass Tile and Red Light, Green Light. 

“Light & Wonder is proud to be the first slots gaming company in the industry to partner with Netflix’s Squid Game and bring this ground-breaking show to life across multiple casino gaming platforms,” commented Matt Wilson, Light & Wonder CEO. 

“We’ve seen how combining fan-favourite shows with immersive gameplay can resonate with audiences both digitally and on casino floors. Unveiling this captivating game on our innovative Horizon cabinet makes for an unparalleled player experience.”

Unveiling the game at the company’s booth at G2E before its official launch in 2024, the Squid Game slot title will be hosted on L&W’s large-screen jumbo cabinet Horizon, which features a 75-inch screen with 600,000 individual micro-LED pixels – a total display area of 90 inches. 

Additionally, the cabinet offers a large, transparent iDeck with integrated lighting, a 27-inch touch screen, mobile chargers and dual play buttons, aiming to deliver ‘an immersive and seamless player experience’.