Multi Fruit extends PopOK Gaming’s live casino content


PopOK Gaming has bolstered its live casino offering with the addition of Multi Fruit, a fruit-themed roulette title with a maximum win of up to x777 the player’s stake. 

Like any roulette title, Multi Fruit uses a spinning roulette wheel that sees players wager on what section of the wheel they believe the roulette ball will drop into, after the wheel is spun by a trained live casino dealer. 

However, instead of using a typical roulette wheel that consists of numbers, Multi Fruit uses a wheel with five fruit sections that are represented proportionally across the wheel to offer an array of multiplied bet amount prizes.

Players can place bets on cherries, which appear 15 times across the wheel to offer a multiplier prize of x2, bananas that appear nine times for a prize of x3, apples appearing six times for x4, oranges that appear three times for x7 and grapes that only appear twice with a prize of x10 the player’s preferred stake. 

Bonus multiplier prizes are also available through a spinning bonus reel that sits beside the standard wager options. This reel spins in every game round to reveal either an enhanced prize for specific prizes, or a bonus diamond prize. 

These bonus multipliers will increase the prize that is given out by each fruit, but only does so for the fruit that it selects in each game round.

Additionally, two bonus diamond sections are available, but players cannot place a wager on this diamond section specifically. The bonus diamond can only provide prizes if the bonus reel reveals the diamond symbol next to a fruit symbol that the player has wagered on, offering bonus multipliers of up to x777 if this occurs. 

Moreover, a jackpot game mode can be triggered randomly after any base game round, giving players the chance to win one of four progressive jackpot prizes. 

Players are presented with several boxers to choose from, each with hidden jackpot diamonds behind them. Once players have selected four diamonds of the same colour, they will receive the diamond’s respective jackpot prize. 

If readers would like to try out the Multi Fruit demo, they can click here to be taken to PopOK Gaming’s official website.