Pascal Gaming expands catalogue with football-themed games 

Games provider Pascal Gaming has targeted fans of the FIFA World Cup with the launch of its football-themed igaming title, Non-Stop Match.  

Appealing to card game players as well as football lovers, Pascal Gaming’s first of two releases is Non-Stop Match, a “stunning” table card game that the firm suggests will “perfectly fit” into affiliates games catalogues.

In this title, players are tasked with wagering between two sides of a football pitch, split between home and away. Players can wager chips on either side of the pitch before the game round starts. 

Once the round begins, a playing card will be revealed for each side. Whichever side’s card has the highest value will be the winner, with the player hoping to wager on the winning team.

Winning a bet will cause the player to double their stake, however if the players bets on a draw, with both sides receiving the same value, they can win x11 their stake. 

Joining Non-Stop Match in Pascal’s latest World Cup-centred games release is an online rebrand of its recently released football-themed crash game, Oddball

OddBall is a football-theme, non-stop crash game that is suggested to “promise an intriguing gaming experience.” In the title, a football player kicks a ball as players wager how far the ball will go before stopping.

As the round progresses, the ball continues to fly. The odds start to increase from x1 and randomly stop. The longer the ball flies, the higher the odds get. At the end of the round, the odds burst, and the ball flies into the net.

Players will hope to cash out before the round is over and the ball is in the back of the net. Doing so will see their stake multiplied by the current odds at the point of cashing out. 

If players leave it too late and the goal is scored before they have cashed out, they will lose their wagered bet.