PopOK Gaming launches crash games series with Lucky Spin

PopOK Gaming has entered the crash games vertical that ‘keeps players on the edge of their seats’ after releasing its latest online casino title Lucky Spin

The game kicks off a series of crash games to be produced by the studio. Using a spinning top for players to place their bets on, the aim is to cash out before it drops to a halt. 

As the spinning top spins, multipliers will rise as players attempt to cash out at the highest multiplier possible, before the spinning top crashes and all bets are lost. 

Players will get five seconds in between game rounds to decide what bets to place, with the previous 18 game rounds’ results being displayed above the betting options to help inform their decisions on when to cash out. 

Bet trackers sit beside the game screen, allowing players to check what bets they have placed in previous game rounds, while also displaying which players have won the highest multipliers in recent wins. 

Players that manage to hold their nerve and crash out at the right time can achieve multipliers of up to x10,000 their stake. 

If readers would like to test out the Lucky Spin demo for themselves, they can click here to be redirected to PopOK Gaming’s official website.