In the final instalment of our Spotlight Series into Crash games, we asked our experts whether society’s dependance on instant gratification has a role to play in the appeal of Crash games. 

Gil photo
Gil Soffer, SVP Sales and Business Development at GALAXSYS

To what extent do you think the appeal of crash games comes from society’s growing reliance on instant-gratification? 

Gil Soffer, GALAXSYS: It is certainly an element in its success, but it is not all. Our players appreciate the innovation, diversity, and entertainment of our games. There is also a social element, as we display the results and leaders of all the rounds. We are also adding a chat where players will be able to converse with their competitors. 

Furthermore, our games are diverse and offer different gaming experiences and we try to cater to the different tastes of our players around the world. Our talented team is creative and offers the most exciting diverse portfolio.

Tetyana 636a4d1a27ec7
Tetyana Shumakova, Game Producer at Evopay

Tetyana Shumakova, Evoplay: The very nature of Crash games is aimed at providing players with instant results and gratification, which, of course, enhances their appeal. The immediate reward that players receive from the experiences makes this type of game especially appealing, as they provide them with full agency over the process of deciding when to cash out, as well as a sense of community that few other gambling experiences can mimic.

The chat tools and multiplayer features that most Crash-style games are known for only add to the competitive and social aspects of titles, making them more attractive to a demographic that is known for its affinity to social interaction.

Mark McGinley
Mark McGinley, CEO at FunFair Games

Mark McGinley, FunFair Games:  I’m not sure the appeal of Crash is based in ‘instant gratification’, but rather the explicit control of risk which comes from deciding exactly where you place your risk, and the rush of challenging yourself to risk just a little further than that with which you are truly comfortable. 

Slots and scratchcards are able to provide wins (and therefore gratification) far faster than many crash games, but they are mostly passive experiences.

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